5 Famous Houses That Appeared on Movies and Television

By Los Angeles Luxury Mansion Rentals

There are homes that become just as famous as the actors starring in the movies and TV shows they appear in. These homes often receive plenty of visitors who want to take a peek at the place they’ve only ever seen on their screens. When visiting a home that you’ve seen in a show or movie, it can feel almost as though you’re meeting a celebrity because the familiarity of a place you’ve never visited can create a feeling of nostalgia that is exciting and powerful.

These five famous houses, thanks to the shows and movies that gave them their celebrity status, are more than just locations—they are historic landmarks.

The Home Alone House

Located outside of Chicago in Winnetka, this large 671 Lincoln Avenue brick home is famous for appearing as the exterior of the McCallister’s home in the movies Home Alone and Home Alone 2. This Christmas movie about Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old whose family inadvertently abandoned him at home while rushing to catch a flight for Christmas vacation, has become a classic that is still aired year-round.

The house, which has been occupied to this day, sold for $1.58 million back in 2012. If you were to peek in the windows, you’d notice that most of the interior was not used in the movie—the interior that appeared on screen were instead shot in a studio set.

The Full House Home

Although the entire show was shot in a set, the exterior of the Victorian house on 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco appeared in the 90s TV show Full House. This TV classic followed the Tanner family as they navigated life with three young daughters and a home full of energy. Placed on the market in July 2018, the home is currently selling for $4.15 million. Due to the amount of tourists that visit this privately-owned home, San Francisco banned tour buses from visiting the iconic landmark.

The Brady Bunch House

The home that appeared in almost every single episode of The Brady Bunch has recently become a hot topic of conversation. After going on the market in 2018, the house on 11222 Dilling Street, North Hollywood was purchased by Lance Bass—or, as it later turned out, by HGTV. After a preemptive Instagram post, Bass discovered that he did not secure his purchase on the home because HGTV placed a higher bid.

American Horror Story: Murder House

Fiction blends with reality when it comes to this Los Angeles home featured in the first season of American Horror Story. While the first season of the popular show was a fictionalized account of hauntings and murders that take place in the house, the current owners believe the house to be haunted by two ghosts. American Horror Story has since moved on to new seasons and new stories, but the home has made an appearance once more in season five.

A Christmas Story House

As the only house on this list that is not privately-owned, the home from A Christmas Story allows visitors to tour the space that they remember from childhood. This Christmas classic follows Ralphie, a young boy who only wants one thing for Christmas—a Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun. Visitors can see the stairs where Ralphie clomps down in his bunny suit, the kitchen where the dogs steal the Christmas turkey, and the backyard where Ralphie shoots his gun for the first time. No need to wait until Christmas because the home is open for tours year round.

These amazing homes are more than just structures with four walls and a roof—they are celebrities in their own right. They are landmarks that carry not just fond memories for the fans of the movies and shows they appeared in but also history.

This article was written by the team at Los Angeles Luxury Mansion Rentals.