A $9,300 Bargain Bugatti

If you thought that a supercar like a Bugatti was out of your price range, check out this hand-built, 1930s Type 52 with sumptuous leather seating, certificate of production and serial number for just $9,300-ish USD! And at just 196cm x 70cm, you can park this luxury toy anywhere you please.

So sorry to get your hopes up, but no actual Bugatti car is going to change hands for under 10 grand unless it is a luxury car rental!

Bugatti Type 52 toy

The Bugatti Type 52 toy is offered in red or blue

Bugatti Type 52 toy

Your child can be the envy of the auto circuit at their preschool…

The Bugatti toy car boasts remarkable detail, with hand-shaped aluminum coachwork, real leather seating and other intricacies. It is overall a faithful recreation of the rare Bugatti Type 52. Only 499 of the Type 52 were created between 1927 and 1936 and it was a scaled down version of the Type 35 GP racer of the 1920s and 30s.

Bugatti Type 52 toy

This one is slightly larger and obviously more fun!

It is a beautiful reminder of the brands past that is not subject to deterioration, wear and tear. Would you buy one for your little tyke? Don’t miss our selection of luxury rental cars in Chicago and a city near you on your way out!




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