An Ideal Option for Moving Luxury Vehicles Across Long Distances

You’ve just bought your perfect, top-notch luxury car. But now, you are faced with a critical task: transporting your dream car to a different location. That’s where luxury car transport comes into play.

Luxury car transport services are designed specifically for people who own valuable vehicles. Since these high-value vehicles are usually much more expensive than regular cars, they require extra care and attention to be safely transported from one location to another. 

Whether you need to move your luxury vehicle to a different state or over a shorter distance, luxury car transport services offer a reliable and quick solution. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you should know about auto transport in Texas and transporting your luxury vehicle safely over long distances.

The Benefits of Choosing Professional Transport for Long-Distance Moves

Choosing professional transport services for long-distance moves offers a lot of benefits. Some of them include: 

Cost-Effective Shipping Options

When considering shipping cars across country, it is essential to find affordable car transport services. This is especially important if you want to ship the car long distances. The best auto transport companies provide different shipping options tailored to various budgets. By choosing the right car transport company, you can relocate your car at an affordable price.

Driving the car yourself or hiring a driver is tiresome, and it usually costs more as well. Similarly, it demands a hefty fuel expense and an understanding of different routes to avoid delay. This makes professional transport services a much more cost-effective and convenient option.


One of the most significant benefits of auto transport for long distances is that you can choose from different shipping methods based on your budget and needs. The most common options include open transport and enclosed transport.

When it comes to types car transport services, though enclosed transport costs more than open, it offers increased protection for your vehicle. Hence, it might be the best option for transporting luxury vehicles. On the other hand, open transport is a more affordable option but exposes your car to environmental and weather elements.

Professional Handling

Transporting your vehicle across the country, especially a luxury car, is no small feat. Professional transporters have large trucks and all the necessary equipment and skills to make the move smoother. This includes proper tie-down procedures, secure loading, and durable covering to protect your vehicle from weather elements and road debris.

Door to Door Shipping

One of the reasons so many people prefer to opt for professional car transport service is the convenience provided by door-to-door shipping. With this sort of transport, your vehicle is picked up from your doorstep and delivered straight to its destination.

With door-to-door shipping, you don’t need to stress about the logistics of shipping your vehicle.

It also saves time for the owner by handling the entire shipping process, from pick-up to delivery, without requiring additional trips to terminals or depots.

Vehicle Safety

If you’ve ever driven both compact and luxury vehicles, you would know that operating a larger and heavier vehicle comes with several challenges. Many drivers find it difficult to feel confident behind the wheel of a larger SUV, especially if they’ve made the switch recently. The last thing any car owner would want is to damage the car accidentally while transporting it over long distances.

However, movers from professional auto transport companies hold training and experience in transporting vehicles. They are prepared to deal with different road conditions and any challenges they may face while shipping your car. Hence, in most cases, getting your vehicle transported by professionals offers more safety and security. 

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Luxury Vehicle for Transportation

Before shipping, it is crucial to prepare your luxury vehicle for transportation. Some of the tips you must follow include:

  1. Check Tire Pressure: It is not safe to transport vehicles with overinflated or underinflated tires. Loading and unloading the car may put the tires at risk of damage. Thus, to ensure safety, proper tire inflation levels must be maintained.
  1. Check for Leaks: Before moving day, inspect the vehicle for any fluid leaks, such as oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, etc. Fluid leaks can compromise your vehicle’s performance and damage the engine. To minimize the chances of leaks, make sure to lower the fluid levels in the expansion tank before the move.
  2. Keep the Fuel Tank Half Empty: Leaving petrol in the tank adds to the car’s weight. This can result in increased shipping costs due to increased weight. Ensure the fuel tank is filled to one-sixth capacity before shipping. This reduces your vehicle’s weight during transportation, making the journey smoother.
  3. Remove all Valuables: Prior to shipment, remove all extra items from your car. This can include any personal belongings and removable car accessories. 

Car Transport in Major States: Navigating Long-Distance Moves in Texas

Some of the factors you must consider for car transport through Texas include:

Location Matters: Texas stands out as one of the largest and most diverse states in the U.S, with vast landscapes and terrains. When it comes to the auto transport Texas, the price of transporting your car from Texas to nearby states such as New Mexico will be lower. However, the car carrier or transportation cost will be higher for longer hauls to states like New York.

Transport Service Types: The type of transport significantly impacts the price. Guaranteed shipping is usually pricier than express services. Moreover, enclosed transport usually costs more than open car carriers.

Weather Conditions: Bad weather conditions can lead to extra charges, affecting the total cost of transportation. Factors such as heavy rainfall, snowfall, or storms may require safety stops, ultimately impacting shipping prices.

Fuel Prices: Car shipping rates are greatly influenced by fuel prices. Higher fuel costs result in higher transportation costs. However, the fuel costs can be managed by choosing fuel-efficient routes to and from Texas.

Selecting the Right Car Transport Service: What to Look For

Opting for the right car transport service is crucial for a stress-free experience. Here’s how to choose the most reliable auto transport company:

  1. Consider the Type of Service You Require

When it comes to auto transport, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all service. In fact, there are different services to choose from. Do you need the car to be transported by a specific date? Do you need to transport a luxury car or a regular car? Can the car travel alongside similar vehicles or necessitate specialized covered transportation for added protection?

Before choosing a company, it is essential to think about the type of service you require. This makes narrowing down your options quickly easier than wasting time.

  1. Look into the Company’s Insurance Policy

Many car transport companies lack reliable insurance for shipping luxury cars, which can leave the owner liable for damages in case of an accident. Therefore, you must ensure that your chosen company has an adequate insurance policy. Read the terms and conditions and check the type of insurance provided.

This guarantees your vehicle’s safe shipment and offers you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands.

  1. Check Online Reviews

Reviews can be very useful in helping you pick the right car transport service. They allow you to assess whether the company is reliable and if their services would meet your needs. However, remember that not all reviews are authentic, but by considering a range of opinions, you can get an idea of others’ experiences.

It is essential to consider all relevant factors, such as the company’s reputation. Similarly, you can also ask for referrals from family and friends who might have a positive review from transport companies they hired in the past. Make sure you do your research properly!

  1. Read the Terms Carefully

Most people only skim through the terms and conditions before hitting ‘I agree.’ But when transporting your luxury vehicle, it’s better to look closely at this section.

Many companies lure in customers with low prices only to surprise them with hidden fees and unexpected expenses later on. Therefore, reading the complete document and inquiring about hidden charges is better. Moreover, if there’s anything unclear, don’t hesitate to ask how much does it cost to ship a car. Never assume that everything is covered in the initial price.

  1. Compare Price Quotes

Vehicle shipping expenses can differ significantly between companies. It is essential to compare quotes to choose the most suitable company for your needs. This not only guarantees that you get the best deal but also helps assess the service quality provided by each company.

Remember, the most affordable choice isn’t necessarily the most reliable, so make sure to consider all factors of the service before deciding. 


Transporting your luxury vehicle with safety requires proper attention and planning to ensure a successful experience. It is crucial to choose a reliable auto transport company that provides stress-free long-distance moves. Nexus Auto Transport ticks all the right boxes to be the best auto transport company for moving luxury cars across major states like Texas. 

With a solid commitment to customer happiness and extensive knowledge of Texas’s roads, Nexus Transport ensures a smooth vehicle transport experience. Schedule your move with Nexus Transport today for a stress-free journey!