A Pre-Super Bowl 43 Lamborghini Celebration

When a football player is asked how he intends to celebrate a Super Bowl win, he jokes about going to Disney World. Disney World is the habitual joke but no real way to celebrate a Super Bowl win. How would you celebrate?

The big game is this Sunday and it may seem to some, that Arizona Cardinals’ running back Edgerrin James is ahead of himself. While James’ team is 2009 Super Bowl bound, they haven’t won yet. James last played for the Colts who won the 2006 Super Bowl, he received the ring but no play-time. This time around James won’t just be a bench warmer, he is psyched to play. Psyched enough, in fact, to reward himself pre-Super Bowl game outcome. This week while preparing for the game of his life in Tampa, the Cardinal running back bought himself a new Lamborghini. Edgerrin James did a pre-Super Bowl 43 celebration for himself. The white Lamborghini, which is now parked outside his team’s hotel, marks his place in this Super Bowl. There is nothing like a Lamborghini that says, "hi I’m here and better than you." Now whether you win or lose the Super Bowl, at least, there’s a Lamborghini in the picture.

Rumor has it that James doesn’t even like to drive, he would rather text message in the passenger seat. So congrats to James’ chauffeur who, by default, just picked up a money ride.