Amanda Che’s Tribal Tribute Makes Waves at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Esteemed fashion designer Amanda Che made waves at the Mercedes-Benz fashion week swimsuit show at the Raleigh on July 16th, 2011 with her tribal infused tributes. The exotic sports car rentals Miami lined the streets, and the models lined the runway!

The stunning models took to the runway to showcase Che’s own label, A.Che!, and the latest swimsuit collection by the designer.  The collection includes sexy leopard print, plenty of sea-colored turquoise options, and plenty of accessories.  The models featured interesting tribal face and body paint to finish off the look.

Above is a brief clip of Che’s 2011 swimsuit collection, shown at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami

Che is from Calabasas, California, and derives much of her inspiration from Malibu Beach, which was literally her backyard growing up.  Following the show, Che herself took a bow in a colorful skirt paired with a muted white tank, leaving all to wonder where her body paint was!  I joke, I joke…it was a fabulous collection.

 Above is a video of Mercedes Fashion Week swimsuit highlights, enjoy!



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Post by Imagine Lifestyles