Most Expensive Exotic Car Crash: Blonde Crashes Bentley into a Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin!

An unidentified blonde transformed one of the world’s wealthiest hotspots, Monte Carlo, into her own personal demolition derby in what could perhaps be the world’s most expensive exotic car crash!

Exotic car crash

The women became trapped when the Bentley’s doors would not open, subjecting them to masses of onlookers wielding cameras

The hapless blonde likely wanted to remove her foot from the pedal and insert it into her mouth (open mouth, insert foot) after slamming her Bentley Azure into a Mercedes S Class, a Ferrari F430, Porsche 911 and an Aston Martin Rapide all in a matter of seconds!

Exotic car crash Monte Carlo

Exotic car crash in Monte Carlo caused by a blonde driver. Five luxury cars suffered damage in one crash!

What began as a parade of exotic cars, supercars and display of horsepower ended abruptly as the blonde became the center of attention with her epic exotic car crash.  Hundreds snapped photos, gawking at the unbelievable scene that lay before them:  5 of the leading luxury cars with extensive and expensive aesthetic damages!

Exotic Car Crash Monte Carlo

Crowds gathered at the exotic car crash scene in Monte Carlo

It is every insurance company’s worst nightmare, as well as every exotic car owner! I suppose they took a gamble parking their luxury cars outside of the Place du Casino on that day!

Blonde Jokes

Blonde jokes are entertaining

Miss California blonde moment

Infamous blonde moment…Miss California’s speech-fail

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