SRT Anodized Carbon Viper GTS Rolls Out at LA Auto Show

The brains behind the scenes at SRT feel that the art of a supercar is just as important as the performance. To back up that theory, they have revealed the SRT Anodized Carbon Viper GTS at the Los Angeles Auto Show. While the vehicle remains the same under the hood, the Viper strikes with new visual cues.

Anodized Carbon Viper GTS

SRT rolls out a new look for the 640 horsepower Viper GTS at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

To better dress the 8.4-liter V10 lurking beneath the hood of the Viper GTS, it has been coated with a brand new hue. The color is a metallic matte gray that the company has been waiting to use on just the right model.

Ralph Gilles, CEO of SRT stated: “We have been waiting for the right time to use this new color at the Chrysler Group, and, as the flagship for the SRT brand, the Viper is the perfect vehicle to showcase this combination of finishes and details to create such a unique look.” 

Anodized Carbon Viper GTS

To set off the hand-painted new exterior shade, the SRT Anodized Carbon Viper GTS is perched on black vapor chrome wheels with eye-popping orange brake calipers and carbon fiber brake ducts. A black exhaust bezel and an anodized carbon fuel-filler door further compliment these racy design cues.

Anodized Carbon Viper GTS

The cabin is lined with luxurious Alcantara, Napa leather and orange stitching to draw the brake calipers into play. It is laden with various carbon fiber components inside and a GTS badge displayed prominently on the dash. There will only be 50 units of the Carbon Viper GTS created with production beginning in January at the Detroit plant.

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