New Supercar Company Arash Set to Release Another Car

Just a few years after the debut of its very first car, British newcomer Arash Cars is teasing the tabloids with its next high-performance offering. The nameless follow up to the Arash AF10 is slated for reveal on February 28th, 2014. So far, just some teaser photos have been released to drum up interest.


The Arash AF10 is pictured above. It was the first model released by the company. 


The AF10 is an angular work of automotive art. It seems that the next model will likely throw some curve balls as well. 

The new supercar manufacturer first brought us the Arash AF10, laden with carbon fiber down to the chassis. The nearly million-dollar car first emerged as a prototype at the 2006 London Motor Show and packs a Corvette Z06-sourced LS7 7.0-liter V8 engine kicking out 550 horses. Check out the photos of the AF10 below. While it appears angular from the front and side, the aerial view is quite shapeless and bulky, which was a bit off-putting for some.


The Arash AF10 was aimed at million dollar competitors like Koenigsegg, Pagani and other specialty companies. Will the next version attempt the same? The teaser photo above depicts a carbon fiber steering wheel.

This next model is expected to fall into a lower pricing level, making it more accessible to the masses. The teaser sketches depict a continuation of the over-the-top styling cues, and a potentially mid-mounted engine. Oh yes, and more carbon fiber, which is always a nice touch in both the aesthetics and weight departments.


About Arash

Arash was founded back in 2006, the same year they released the AF10 prototype. The company was the creation of Arash Farboud, a young entrepreneur and auto enthusiast. Arash sold a different sports car company he created (Farboud) prior to launching Arash. Farboud was purchased by Ginetta and rebranded as Farbio.


Arash Farboud

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