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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I often travel for business, and sometimes I simply get tired of feeling discombobulated and lost in cities.  Do you think that it is excessive to hire a chauffeur on certain trips?  I will be in Chicago next week and I find the city to be a bit overwhelming at times, even though I travel there frequently, not to mention the horrific traffic.  What do you suggest?

Phil, Indianapolis

Hello Phil,

You are not the first person to view hiring a chauffeur as potentially excessive.  Yet you have hit a few of the best reasons why indulging in a chauffeured rental car is a solution to so many issues!

Imagine Lifestyles has recently expanded to offer our luxury rentals to the greater Chicago area, and this includes of course our 5-star chauffeur services.  From experience we can identify with your angst at the local traffic, it can be a nightmare.  When you opt to hire a chauffeur, you can make the most of that time trapped in traffic and get more work done or make calls while you are waiting.

Also, a chauffeured rental car gives you the luxury of enjoying the city without the worry of getting lost!  This can be a major advantage in cities like Chicago, which are massive and can overwhelm relatively quickly.  Plus, your chauffeur will know all the shortcuts, and what roads to avoid at peak hours.

The most advantageous aspect to a chauffeured rental car Chicago, is that you will be spared the trials and tribulations of parking.  Parking is an ordeal that Chicagoans loathe, and it can take any amount of time to accomplish.

We hope this helps your decision making process, and remember that your chauffeur will also know where all the hidden local favorite restaurants, entertainment and shopping spots are located!

Let us know if we can be of further assistance Phil, we recommend you try one of our experienced and professional chauffeurs to see how you feel about the experience.  Take a peek at some of our available luxury cars:  Rolls Royce chauffeured, Bentley chauffeured, Lincoln Towncar chauffeured and more.
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