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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I will be coming to South Beach soon for a business trip, and assume I will be left to my own devices often.  I am free to stay where I please and would really like a luxury accommodation with a concierge who is knowledgeable of Miami.  I feel that the last time I visited I missed out on much of what Miami has to offer.  Do you have any suggestions?
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Mark, Sacramento, CA




Hello Mark,

Thanks for reaching out to us for advice on your pending trip to Miami.  Your concerns are quite understandable, as there are always events going on in Miami, and some fall under the so-called radar.

A knowledgeable concierge is certainly the ticket to a good time, as it is their job to remain up-to-the-minute on Miami entertainment, luxury events, dining options, new trends, the best beaches, killer shopping, and well, anything you request! 

We love the new W Hotel South Beach, the Setai South Beach, Gansevoort South Beach, Shoreclub and so many more, follow link for the Top 10 Most Fabulous Hotels on South Beach.  If you love food check out our Top 10 Culinary Styles in South Beach and The Top 5 Best Luxury Restaurants on South Beach.

All of these exotic and luxury hotels provide stellar concierge service, and all are located in some of Sobe’s prime spots, close to the very best in outstanding, upscale and unforgettable local entertainment, international dining options and beach lines.  Most of these hotels feature their own unique flavors, complete with their own restaurants teeming with culinary concoctions intended to dazzle.

In addition to insider information, a concierge, such as ours at Imagine Lifestyles can also assist you with:

•    Housekeeping
•    Spa Reservations
•    Personal Security
•    Nanny/Babysitting
•    Decorating Services
•    Landscaping
•    Auto Services
•    Realtor Services
•    Messenger & Courier
•    Dry Cleaning & Laundry
•    Fitness Training
•    Masseuses
•    Financial Planning
•    Emergency Services
•    Estate Planning & More


We recommend any of these Miami luxury hotels without hesitation, and also invite you to check out our fleet of luxury rental cars Miami for your stay!

Hope this helps you out Mark, give us a call if we can assist you further with your trip details, concierge service and luxury rental needs.


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