Ask Imagine: Labor Day Residence Rental Miami

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I will be in Miami for a week to celebrate Labor Day with a group of friends.  I do not think a traditional luxury hotel will suffice, and would prefer a residence rental Miami style to ensure that all of my guests are comfortable.  What luxury hotel also offers residence or condo rentals?

  I would also prefer that it be located within proximity of South Beach’s nightclubs, restaurants, shopping and hot spots. 



Scott, Manhattan




Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

Hello Scott,

Thanks for seeking us out for advice; we strive to be the source of luxury living in Miami, New York, Chicago and LA.  A Labor Day trip to Miami is always a great idea to draw a close to summer, and we are happy to give you some tips for your stay!

I am going to recommend that you stay at the Setai South Beach or the W Hotel South Beach, as both are in prime locations and offer luxury condo rentals with Oceanfront views.  There are one and two bedroom luxury condo rentals available within the residence sections of both hotels.  The W Hotel enjoyed its South Beach debut just this year, so everything is state of the art and brand spanking new. 

The Setai offers all of the same amenities, with a serene ambiance, quite the escape just off the streets of South Beach!  When you enter the Setai, you almost forget you are in the busy district of Sobe, with the deliciously designer recessed lighting, controlled noise levels and luxurious Eastern-infused décor. 

Both the W Hotel and the Setai are beachfront luxury hotels, within walking distance to South Beach’s entertainment hot spots, sultry nightclubs, swanky restaurants and sought after shopping destinations.  Both luxury hotels South Beach also offer their own upscale dining options, nightclubs and entertainment within the hotel.

We hope this is helpful to you, let us know when you plan to arrive, and if we can also assist you with a luxury car rental or SUV rental for your stay.



Imagine Lifestyles






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