Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV Offerings?

If it is to be believed, there may be an Aston Martin SUV and the Lamborghini SUV could be a hybrid. There are rumors circulating that Aston Martin is busy raising funds to begin the tedious and often lengthy vehicle concepting phase, and Lamborghini’s Urus may challenge the hybrid sector.

Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUVIs a model range expansion in Aston Martin’s future? Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUV offerings that could become a reality. Is the world ready for more upscale brands to compete in the luxury SUV arena?

Aston Martin and Lamborghini SUVAston Martin exotic sports cars are instantly recognizable, regardless of the model. Under the new leadership of CEO Andy Palmer, would that level of expert branding extend to an Aston Martin SUV? What would it look and feel like? We can’t wait for more. The idea was previously shot down, but with the popularity of luxury SUVs and hybrids accelerating rapidly, brands are changing their tune and jumping on the money train. *use Lagonda pic  Not interested in an Aston SUV offering? No worries, the DB9 replacement is due out by 2016.

Lamborghini LM002The Lamborghini SUV possibility

The concept of a Lamborghini SUV is not entirely shocking because it has happened in the past. But if that Raging Bull SUV happens to be a hybrid, that move would be unprecedented by the badge. Because of the recently debuted hybrid Lamborghini concept, rumors are stirring of a possible hybrid Lamborghini SUV. It would certainly make more sense for the bulky added weight of a hybrid’s battery system to be supported by a sturdy SUV, though some sleeker sports models have managed…Looking at you, Fisker Karma.

Aston Martin SUVBoth luxury SUV concept ideas manage to intrigue, and many will be anxiously awaiting the 2015 Geneva Auto Show to see what everyone has in store.

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