The $86 Million Dollar Toy We All Need: 125’ Yacht J’Ade

What you are looking at is the $86 million dollar toy we all need: Meet the 125’ yacht J’Ade . She is a fine lady capable of transporting up to 10 in supreme luxury. The battle for ‘most expensive yacht’ title will always rage on, yet even those who cannot afford this level of extravagance enjoy checking them out online!

yacht jade concept

While she is certainly not the most expensive yacht in the waters of the world, the $86 million dollar yacht J’Ade is noteworthy and packing some seriously cool amenities. 

The 125’ Yacht J’Ade at a glance:

  • J’Ade boasts 4 oversized decks to ensure ample space for her inhabitants.
  • She has ample space to entertain approximately 10 with a crew of 13. That little perk leaves all the work up to the staff, allowing the owner to truly indulge his/her guests without lifting a finger.
  • There are 5 elegantly appointed cabins separated into a grand master suite and 4 guest spaces.
  • Aside from the expansive deck space and lovely cabins, there is an exciting feature down below: a floodable garage. The boat garage on the lower deck houses a 26-foot yacht! This is the perfect combo for yachting in destinations like Monaco, where it is essential to be able to easily access shopping and all areas with minimal effort and planning.
  • The yacht J’Ade effortlessly glides over the waters thanks to a steel and aluminum body. The twin MTU 12V 4000 M 63 engines allow the yacht to reach a comfortable and ideal cruising speed of 14 knots with a top speed of around 16.

We look forward to the next big thing in yachting as billionaires continue to compete—it has never been a letdown! Also, is anyone else hoping for a mega yacht scene in the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre?

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals