Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept Lacks Creature Comforts

The Aston Martin CC100 Speedster concept is a racy tribute to the brand’s 100 years in the luxury auto industry. The CC100 is missing a few key comforts, including a roof and the lower portion of its doors. What it lacks in creature comforts, the concept makes up for with power and prowess.

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

The Aston Martin CC100 racer stirred up excitement recently at the Nürburgring racetrack. The sporty blue and yellow exterior is fitting of a track car and draw attention to the elongated body.

The CC100 Speedster boasts a blend of components borrowed from its predecessors. Under the prominent hood lurks a mean 6.0-liter V12 borrowed from the rest of the range. The transmission is a 6-speed semi-automatic with paddles positioned directly on the steering wheel. It has the aluminum architecture of the road going cars, but is built strictly for the track.

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster at a glance:

  • This racer nails the 0-60 jump in a scant 4 seconds
  • The top speed is around 180 miles per hour
  • It took only six months to create. Most concept cars consume about 3-5 years to get from paper to the road.
  • The bodywork is the bare minimum to reduce weight
  • It is a nod to the brand’s famous 1959 DBR1 racer, a successful Le Mans endurance race champion
  • No production plans or pricing have been announced
  • Hardware from the Vantage, DB9, Rapide and Vanquish were utilized in the CC100. This is how it was created so rapidly

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster

The green light has not been given for production, and the only existing version turned in a stunning performance at the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany as part of Aston Martin’s centennial celebrations.

Aston Martin CC100

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