Aston Martin Pisses Off James Bond?

U.S. To Get New Aston Martin “Sports Car” ???

If someone mentions Aston Martin most people think James Bond and exotic sports car.  Think again folks.  It would be very rare for someone to associate Aston Martin with say a Mini Cooper or a Smart car.  That soon will change as Aston Martin has announced that it will soon begin offering its’ Cygnet luxury mini car in the United States as early as 2012. I wonder if some will add this car to their fleet of luxury car rentals

Aston Martin Cygnet

The automaker claims the level of interest is high for the new Cygnet, and has also launched two new special edition versions of the vehicle.  The “Launch Edition” Cygnet’s will only be available for a limited time and feature special features such as chrome trim and special leather seats.  Aston Martin also plans to launch an all-electric version by late 2013.

Aston Martin Cygnet

James Bond might not be seen driving a Cygnet anytime soon, but Aston Martin has no plans to halt production of this new minicar.  Whether it is to battle emissions regulations or to please the environmentally friendly crowd, the Cygnet appears to be here to stay.  Imagine Lifestyles would prefer Aston Martin stick to making exotic supercars such as the DB9 and the Vantage, but we understand the companies need to search for new customers and business in any way they can.  As long as they keep making their sports cars, we can live with the Cygnet as a sidepiece of their business.  Contact Imagine Lifestyles today to rent the more famous Aston Martin rental car and cruise Chicago in style. Our Chicago branch has the biggest and best fleet of Chicago luxury car rental.


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