Aston Martin Thief Needed Instructions to Start Car

A clumsy South Florida car thief was able to enter a locked garage on his own, but needed the assistance of the homeowner to start and then steal the $200,000 Aston Martin Vantage. Two were arrested for the event: Zuhdi Musa, 47, and Rosa Maria Musa, 45.

Aston Martin

Above is a photo of an Aston Martin dash. Those unfamiliar with certain exotic sports cars would find it confusing and unfamiliar. This is not a turn-key and go ride. 

Aston Martin

The man, Zuhdi, tied up the owner and asked her how to start the luxury vehicle. It is not clear how the woman was involved in the crime. It is not thought to be a random crime, as Zuhdi knew the victim’s husband previously. It all went down on September 26th at the mansion of Linda Ruffe. Ruffe was in the home when Zuhdi entered with a handgun and proceeded to tie her up and demand instructions to start the car. Other items taken included $4,000 in cash and jewelry with an estimated value of $400,000.

This is an Aston Martin Vantage startup procedure from 2008. The year of the stolen Vantage is not clear. 

In the end, Musa realized he did not know what to do with the stolen Aston Martin. He must have been on an adrenaline rush when he opted to steal it. The car was left in South Miami where it was recovered the following day. As for the Musas, they had no chance of getting away with this brazenly stupid crime because the victim knew who he was.

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