Mercedes-Benz Yacht Arrives in Monaco in Scaled Model Form

The Mercedes-Benz yacht ARROW460 Granturismo is generating attention. The motor company’s motor yacht appeared at a show in Monaco in scale model form. The brand paired with UK-based Silver Arrows Marine to create the yacht concept, which is being labeled the ‘Silver Arrow of the seas’.

Mercedes-Benz yacht

The Mercedes-Benz Granturismo yacht releases the traditionally compartmentalized layout in favor of an open structure. The look and feel is a luxury car capable of rocketing on water.

To explain why they are interested in the motor yacht arena, Gorden Wagener, VP of Design at Daimler AG stated the following:

“Under the label Mercedes-Benz Style we develop highly exclusive design products beyond the automobile, thereby bringing our sensual, clear and progressive design idiom into other spheres of life.”

Mercedes-Benz yacht

It can be a challenge to examine a scaled model and imagine what it would truly look like on the water or road. 

Its thoroughbred racing predecessors inspired the Mercedes-Benz yacht concept. In production form, this yacht will extend a full 46 feet and propel through the water using diesel engines. Before we cover the luxury perks, check out the specs:

  • • 2 Yanmar 6LY3-ETP diesel engines produce 480 horses each.
  • • Comfortable cruising speed of 30 knots (35 miles per hour)
  • • Hull: 13.85
  • • 1200 liter fuel tank
  • • 500 liter water tank

Mercedes-Benz yacht

This yacht is intended for comfortable day cruises and overnight stays. Some furniture slides in and out of place to allow more space, and there is a bedroom. For entertainment, there is a premium sound system and a wine ‘cellar’. For hot days, it even packs an icemaker. The company is taking orders for the Granturismo yacht, and some sources say just ten will be built.

Mercedes-Benz yachtThe price tag for the Silver Arrow of the seas is a cool $1.68 million USD and the first production run will be labeled with a special ‘Edition 1’. This could hint that there will be more versions in the future. The first deliveries could begin as early as 2015, depending on buyer interest.

Mercedes-Benz yacht

The Silver Arrow of the seas

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