Look Out, Siri! Audi and Google are Teaming Up

The battle between tech tycoons Apple and Google rages on, and now Google is taking aim at Siri, the disembodied voice that Apple users have grown to love. Because Apple has partnerships with around nine automotive companies to integrate their iOS devices, Google has now paired up with Audi to unleash a direct threat to Siri in the form of Google’s Android operating systems in new Audi cars.

Audi and Google

Which will be better, Apple iOS devices linking to infotainment systems or Google Android software coming with new cars? Oh how far we have come from pulling off the lot with a shiny new tape deck!

The way that Apple’s iOS functions is to link Apple devices with existing display systems in vehicles that have them. Google wants to take this idea a step further, (imagine that), and install its popular Android operating system onto the actual car, as a normal feature.

Audi and Google

Unless Google develops something like the cloud, however, there will be issues with items being located just in the car. On the other hand, the system will function nicely with the navigation and other systems more smoothly.

Not so far back in the distant past, vehicles featured an odometer, heating and cooling systems, common functions for the operation of the vehicle and if the driver was fortunate, a tape deck or CD player. Today, most drivers do not even know what all their vehicles are capable of, perhaps never learning every possible function. We look for Audi and Google to share more on their exciting venture at the 2014 CES. Will Apple allow this bite without striking back? But more importantly, what will Audi’s Siri be named and sound like? Audi and Google

Let us hope it is not a disaster…like this choice of personal expression…

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