Audi Brand Anticipates Increased Demand for their Luxury Cars

On the heels of the economic depression, luxury carmakers are enjoying improved sales and exposure.  The same trend is true for Audi luxury car brand, which is predicting a turbo-boost in demand for its new luxury car line, including the R8.  You can drive the Audi R8 rental Miami from Imagine Lifestyles to experience the brand.

Audi R8 Luxury Car

Audi R8 Luxury Car

According to Audi in its first quarter financial report,

"Demand for new vehicles will rise in all significant sales regions with the exception of Western Europe."

Audi R8 Exotic Car

Audi brand certainly has high expectations for the coming year, with intentions to deliver around 1.2 million units and improve operating profits for 2012.  This news comes at a time when many markets are showing strengthening vital signs, with the Chinese luxury market in the lead.  The financial forecast from Audi takes into consideration the condition of the Japanese economy and other countries affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March.

It will be interesting to see how many luxury cars, Audi R8 sports cars and other units the brand unloads over the next couple of years.

Audi R8 Luxury Car

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