Mercedes, Audi and Honda Team Up to Offer Chauffeur Service in India’s Bustling Luxury Car Market

The lucrative luxury car market in India has encountered a hitch:  India’s wealthy prefer their luxury cars chauffeured.  This makes perfect sense considering the poor road conditions and extreme traffic in the bustling cities!  High-end autos, luxury rental cars and chauffeur services are very popular in India.

Traffic in India

Traffic in India

Traffic in India

…is brutal

It seems that India’s rich are beginning to bitch about the lack of quality chauffeur services available, which opens many doors for business!  This need is being filled by Mercedes, Audi and Honda, who have teamed up with the Institute of Chauffeur Services (IOCS) to provide qualified chauffeur services.

Mercedes limousine India

Mercedes limousine India

Wealthy Indians are accustomed to being driven, and as the number of newly rich swell in the country, the need for more chauffeurs has become a real issue.  Mercedes, Audi and Honda intend to train, groom and recruit over 600 chauffeurs in Mumbai alone, according to IOCS. 

The first phase of the plan will train those already employed as drivers, transforming them into an upscale chauffeur.  Luxury car buyers will also be empowered to recruit and train chauffeurs from scratch.

Car crashes India

Many roadways are dangerous, and many drivers lose patience

Problems faced when hiring regular drivers include issues with hygiene, education level, grooming and courteousness.  Drivers in India make around $222 USD per month, an income that increases with the quality of car they drive.  A higher salary potential should provide the incentive needed for drivers to complete the chauffeur-training program. 

 “I would be interested in trying the service and paying a little more in salaries every month. It’s not just the grooming of the driver that matters; a bad driver also costs you more in car repairs than in salaries,” said Jaiveer Johal, a resident of Delhi and an owner of Mercedes E-Class and a Honda CR-V.





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