Audi India Awarded for A8 L 3D Campaign

The 3D Audi commercial


Audi was recently awarded the “Certificate of Merit” for the 3D ad campaign unleashed for the Audi A8 L.  The accolade is from One Show Interactive, a renowned non-profit focused on elevating creative work in the industry.  You can discover an award-winning luxury car with an Audi rental today!

Audi is not a beginner in the awards arena, having previously won three consecutive awards from the 2011 Campaign India Digital Media Awards, including:

•    Gold in the automotive category
•    Silver in the online advertising segment
•    Silver for best integrated campaign

Audi is currently the fastest growing luxury car brand in India, and is accomplishing a very strong rebranding worldwide.  The A8 3D campaign communicates the brand’s core values of progressive technology and sophistication, going beyond traditional advertising and allowing users to explore the car interactively.  I personally feel this will be the road advertising will take for the future, as users will expect and demand interactive options.

A bit more information on the making of the Audi 3D ad campaign


The Audi ad campaign includes a custom 3D car brochure and the 3D anaglyphic glasses.  This artistic and interactive campaign has helped to position Audi as a symbol of luxury and status and has received tremendous response!


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