Audi Hybrid Yacht Concept Makes Green Waves

Green is the new black, encompassing nearly every consumer-driven market lately, including luxury yachts.  German designer Stefanie Behringer teamed up with Audi for her graduate design project and created a trimaran boat with the environment in mind.  Could technology evolve even yachts into luxury hybrids?  Luxury hybrid cars are certainly increasing in numbers, with the technology advancing constantly.

Audi Hybrid Yacht Concept

Audi Hybrid Yacht Concept

The Audi trimaran yacht concept is powered by the electric motors of two jet skis at speeds under 8 knots, one on each side of the hull.  At speeds exceeding 30 knots, the electric motors support the Audi TDI diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption.  The jet skis are charged by the diesel engines.

Audi Hybrid Yacht Concept

More petite than standard luxury yachts, the Audi hybrid yacht extends a mere 49 feet long and 21 feet wide.  The smaller size produces less friction resistance in the water, reducing energy consumption further.  Although small, there is still ample deck space for around 12 people, and there is room for 4 berths below.

Audi Hybrid Luxury Yacht Concept

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