Best Luxury Beach Destinations of 2009

1.  Thailand
2.  Crete,
3.  Bora Bora,
4.  Barcelona,
5.  South Beach,
MiamiThailand Beaches

Thailand.  Alex Garland’s novel The Beach, and the ensuing movie, sparked an onslaught of young travelers heading to Thailand seeking its pristine beaches and lively party scene.  In the movie, the closest city to the secret beach was Ko Phangan, which is not the hottest tourist spot.  Ko Phangan is a small island off of the larger Koh Samui, and is host to not only some of the best beach lines in the world, but to monthly “full moon” parties.  If you are in search of seclusion and eager to experience some of the great mystery and danger of Thailand, you can avoid the throngs of tourists at Rayavadee, a collection of 98 two-story pavilions and four private villas, at the edge of Krabi’s National Marine Park.  Otherwise, there is Koh Phangan, and other tourist crowed spots like Phuket and Bangkok, both popular for more than their laughable names. Crete Greece

Up next is Crete, Greece.  This is an exciting travel destination renowned for its gorgeous beaches, rugged terrain and charming villages.  In fact, Crete alone is responsible for attracting nearly one quarter of all tourists to Greece.  With nearly 100 miles of beaches, set off from the remarkable rugged interior landscape, Crete is truly a diamond in the rough.  While in Crete, Rethimno is a must, nestled along the center of the Island’s northern coast.  Rethimno offers a large sandy beach and palm-lined promenade to unwind and take in the ocean views, a welcomed method of relaxation after exploring the tangled streets in town, soaking in the Turkish and Venetian influences.  The old town has managed to remain virtually untouched, featuring minarets, mosques and Venetian fortezza to dazzle guests. 

Bora Bora, Tahiti
is often revered as a magical (and romanBora Bora Tahiti tic) island destination, a tall order for an island measuring just 18 miles in length.  This exotic sliver of land lies within a protected lagoon, outlined with fine white sandy beaches, with the best located at Matira Point.  People often fall in love with certain beaches due to their level of seclusion, because it is nice to feel as though you are the only one there-and Bora Bora delivers on that dream.  Rather than scads of towels and umbrella-to-umbrella tourists yammering away, this exotic beach destination offers a variety of intimate beaches, exclusive hotels and a tranquil atmosphere that is diligently preserved.
barcelona Spain Beaches
Barcelona, Spain, attracts beachgoers in droves who are in search of experiencing Europe’s beaches and culture.  There is a reason Barcelona was worthy of hosting the 1992 Olympics-it offers an eclectic blend of beach and culture, complete with urban sightseeing.  The most populated beach in Barcelona is Platja Barcelona at Vila Olimpica.  Nearby beaches Platja de Sant Sebastia and Platja de la Mar Bella are also frequented, though be aware that Platja de la mar Bella is a nude beach.

Last but certainly not least is Miami, Florida.  Of course we are partial to South Beach, but we do not stand alone in this conviction-thousands upon thousands of beach loving guests visit our beaches annually to soak upMiami South Beach the marbled blue and green hues of the Atlantic and play in the celeb studded streets in style and luxury.  Songs have been written about it, movies and sitcoms continue to feature it, and it lives in the minds and hearts of all who have experienced its mesh of international culture, perfect beaches, and luxurious lifestyles including exotic rental cars and upscale hotels.

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