Birdman Lets You Know: Not Everyone Can Own a Bugatti

Bryan “Birdman” Williams is not troubled by the idea that he is not the only rapper with a Bugatti exotic sports car. Rappers Flo Rida, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Jay Z’s Bugatti models are all stunning, but no threat to the Birdman. 

Birdman Bugatti

Birdman poses next to his bright red Bugatti

According to Birdman,

“Everybody can’t get them (Bugatti cars). We were the first to have them.”

Birdman Bugatti

While Birdman could learn a bit about the history of the Bugatti brand prior to making such public statements (unless he is perhaps referring to the latest Veyron models), he is on-point with one point:  You must have money to own a Bugatti.  He is also quite vocal about his love for the vehicles, stating in DUB Magazine:

“Everybody should have them…this sh*t is hot. They hot, they hot! That’s the hottest whip in the world. Nothing f*cks with a Bugatti, nothing man!”

Birdman Bugatti

Birdman chose red for his $2 million-dollar Bugatti Veyron, a shade he notes as “a fly color. It is hot; represents heat. It is the flyest color out there and it just blinds me.”  And it compliments his red helicopter.

Birdman Bugatti

It is good to be Birdman…he certainly seems to be flying high.



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Rapper Fabolous

Rapper Fabolous




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