BMW and SGL to Develop Carbon Fiber Plant

Two of our favorite luxury forces are about to combine, as BMW has plans to enter an agreement with SGL Group to develop a carbon fiber factory, right here in the U.S.  BMW is one of the leading luxury car makers in the world, and carbon fiber is currently the industry standard of what defines a luxury composite material.  This union pleases us, immensely.

The carbon factory will be located in Washington, and will have the capacity to supply material for the hybrids and electrical cars that are being developed for the future.  We can see the dollar signs now.

The dollar signs are estimated to hit the $100 million mark during the initial phase of the project.  BMW Carbon FiberWell, we do love dollars.

And we love things that are exclusive and perceived to be unattainable, and the carbon fibers made at this ultra-luxe plant are said to be available only to BMW for its electric “Megacity Vehicle”, which will be built in Germany and launched around 2015.

This is also good news for the economy, as carbon fibers are expensive to produce, and this will create approximately 80 new U.S. luxury jobs.  Until recent years, carbon fibers were strictly used in only Formula 1 racing and luxury cars.  But future trends toward more environmentally friendly cars are leading to its use in new electric hybrids, as well as green luxury cars due to its lightweight and durability.

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