April Fool’s Day: BMW Is Doing It Right

BMW pulled a fast one on April Fool’s Day when it dared fans to dream big. The brand released an unbelievable ad in the New Zealand Herald, inviting people to swap their old car for a brand-spanking-new BMW 1 Series. According to the ad, the first person to arrive and meet the terms and conditions, would receive the car. While many disregarded it as too-good-to-be-true, Tianna Marsh learned it was no joke when she arrived at the dealership with her old Nissan Avenir and pulled away in a gleaming new $50,000 BMW!

BMW April Fools BMW shared the story on their official blog (Photos ©BMWblog).

The April Fool’s reverse prank by BMW was a hit. Over 145,000 copies of the ad circulated, generating much excitement and amusement in New Zealand, where BMW reins king of cars in terms of popularity. BMW Group of New Zealand’s managing director, Nina Englert, shared the following statement on the clever ad: “BMW is world-renowned as being the maker of the Ultimate Driving Machine, but also as the creator of many memorable April Fool’s Day pranks.”

BMW April Fools BMW pulled off a notable prank last April as well when it released details of the adorable BMW ZZZ Series, which it said was a child’s sleeping capsule designed to simulate a car ride to lull the littles to dreamland. The capsule was fictional, of course, but likely left some to dream of actually owning a ZZZ Series sleeper.

BMW April Fools (Photos ©BMWblog)

Englert continued: “BMW has been New Zealand’s most popular premium automotive brand for the past three years in a row, and today’s reverse joke is evidence that people are willing to throw caution to the wind in the quest for a new BMW – even on April 1. The ad was intentionally vague and definitely appeared too good to be true, but in this case we wanted to turn the tables and reward the first person who dared to dream big.” The BMW 1 Series given to Tianna boasts the specialty plate: ‘NOF00L’ and came with a generous 5-year warranty and 3 years of scheduled service. She will also be treated to a free BMW Driving Experience. Want to indulge in an experience of your own? Contact Imagine Lifestyles to reserve your spot at an Ultimate Driving Experience near you!

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