The McLaren Sports Series Is Looking Fierce So Far

The McLaren Sports Series is set to emerge in April, 2015 and the company has been doing a fantastic job of teasing the masses. The new collection of exotic sports cars will be drenched in carbon, aerodynamic and capable both on the track and on the roadways.

McLaren Sports SeriesThe 2015 McLaren Sports Series will include the McLaren 570S coupe and others. Several video clips of the car have drizzled out, and while it looks a great deal like its predecessors, the alterations in materials used and powertrain revisions promise to deliver what the next generation requires to compete.

The McLaren 570S coupe at a glance:

  • The engine is a V8 (no further details on that until the official unveil at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in April).
  • Output is just as the name implies: 570PS, or 562 horses.
  • The Sports Series will share the DNA of the McLaren Super Series and Ultimate Series, with adjustments here and there, of course. The Sports Series will sit at the bottom of that tier in terms of power and performance.
  • The 570S follows the naming design of sibling 650S with a bit less output.

McLaren Sport SeriesThe McLaren 570 S revealed: Photo by McLaren

It is not clear exactly how many offerings McLaren will tout at the New York Auto Show this month, but it is safe to assume that it will provide a generous preview of what is coming out next. Expect the brand to offer up enough of a show to grab the attention of all major competitors and make everyone wish they had the extra cash sitting around to get behind the wheel. For those who do not, rent an exotic sports car from us anytime the urge strikes and save your bank account!

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