BMW Busting out the Big Guns. Bulletproof X5 Special Edition

Have no fear BMW is here. With the looming threat of terrorist attacks growing, BMW found a new niche market. The car manufacturer which has built a reputation on safety features, has taken safety to the next level with the new ‘X5 Security Plus’ SUV. Complying with the requirements of bullet resistance Class 6, the new X5 is a self contained fortress. The BMW X5 SP will be able to resist fire from a 44 magnum handgun and an AK-47 machine gun, so sturdy to even resist a small explosive! BMW made the SUV out of heavy-duty material and ballistics-resistant steel, featuring 22mm-thick bullet-proof glass.

Additional safety features include intercom system and camera monitoring. The SUV will also protect passengers from robberies, kidnappings and car-jackings, as one can never be too safe in this day in age. The X5 will be powered by a 4.8-liter V8, built completely in-house and mass produced. Rather than turn to an army vehicle, you now have a much more luxurious option in BMW. Safety shouldn’t be an either or, retain BMW luxury and absolute safety!