More Details Emerge for the BMW i8S Centenary Supercar

The BMW centenary supercar will celebrate 100 years of future-focused German engineering. To ring in the enormous milestone, BMW is touting a special-edition centenary supercar. Rather than label it an i9 model, word is that it will be dubbed the BMW i8S and share that platform with added perks.

BMW i8SThe BMW i8S is coming to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday. While the festivities likely will not be quite as lavish as those of Maserati or Aston Martin, a new supercar offering is always a plus.

The model is due to emerge in 2016, when the celebrations shall commence. The new supercar will serve as the centerpiece for BMW’s birthday. At this point in the game, some are questioning if the i8S will have the prowess and performance it will take to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Audi R8, Maserati Alfieri and others. With such a competitive background between BMW and Mercedes-Benz, common sense says that BMW will step up to the plate for this one.

BMW i8

It is expected that the BMW i8S will provide a plethora of technological wonders ensconced in a remarkably sporty body. While all of those aspects are vital, it is the performance that will make or break the car. For that reason, Ulrich Kranz, BMW i chief, is in charge of the project. Kranz has enlisted the assistance of Roberto Fedeli of Ferrari, which makes for an ideal pairing of the minds and muscle. The partnership should manifest itself into a BMW of epic proportions. Fedeli had a hand in the outstanding LaFerrari hybrid supercar, indicating that he has much to offer BMW.

BMW i8

The exact powertrain that will be used for the special BMW i8S is unknown–we will have to wait until closer to the commencing celebrations to learn more. It does seem to be a safe bet that it will be a super hybrid, however!

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