Is Daimler Entering the Motorcycle Arena?

Word is spreading like wildfire that automotive brand Daimler is toying with the idea of entering the motorcycle arena. Is the company actively pursuing a partner to mate with and produce a superbike line and what would a Daimler motorbike look like?

Daimler motorbikeWhile Ducati is likely not too worried at this juncture, some sources say that MV Agusta is looking for a company to court for financial padding in order to expand further into new markets. What would the offspring of an MV Agusta and Daimler look like? The potential ideas have produced a ripple through many minds, but will Daimler invest in a portion of MV Agusta to make a Daimler motorbike? Would her dowry pay off? There are more questions than answers thus far.

MV AgustaThe potential for a luxury Daimler motorbike to rival the likes of Audi’s Motorrad concept, Ducati and BMW is a bit exhilarating. Daimler’s Mercedes-AMG did at one point work with Ducati on a project, but that relationship ended when Ducati was sold to Audi. This information makes the idea of a Daimler motorcycle seem not so sudden, but more strategically planned out.

MV AgustaOverall, should Daimler succeed in acquiring a 25% share of MV Agusta for approximately $40 million USD, the world would be graced with a new motorbike concept. It would certainly be exciting for motorcycle enthusiasts, giving them something new to admire (in the event that it is a worthy machine), and the pairing would be mutually beneficial to the somewhat struggling MV Agusta. The MV Agusta badge is a bit on the edge of obscurity, though major brands like Harley Davidson and Proton have had a grip on its handlebars in the past.

In the end, the question will be if MV Agusta can play well with another company once more, and if it can be salvaged from the rubble of obscurity and brought back to full throttle. Is Daimler up for such a task?

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