BMW-Luxurious Down to The Key

When you are a luxury car brand with a reputation as sleek as BMW, people expect great things.  It would seem that BMW knows this, and keeps it in mind with every design detail, right down to the car keys.

Most BMW’s come with 2 multi-functional remote keys.  They are luxury keys, featuring electronic ID, selective unlocking, remote trunk and window functions.  The key for the 3-series can lower the convertible top as well.
The BMW keys are highly personalized, saving and remembering your settings for climate preferences and seat positions-even if someone else drove the car prior and used a key of their own. BMW Interior

In fact, there is so much luxury at your fingertips with a BMW, you may never want to get out of the car!  Their intuitive iDrive system links your car’s communications, navigation and entertainment functions for a flawless integration of convenience.  The system uses just one controller, to quickly manage your calls, music, navigation and a diagnostics.

The iDrive system features a single toggle switch and seven keys located conveniently in the center console.  The system was designed to work for the driver, and not as a distraction, so the driver does not even have to take their eyes off the road to operate it.  Whether it is owned or a BMW rental, drivers are always impressed with the class and craftsmanship of the brand.  

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals