A Floating Gym? Burning Calories the Green Way

River Gym New YorkThe River Gym is essentially a mobile gym, powered by those working out inside of it, and floating along the river. The design is the brainchild of Mitchell Joachim, architect and eco-designer.  Joachim holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Far from a leisurely trip downstream, those inside the capsule-looking gym are actually powering the machine with the energy they are burning during their regular workout.  It is intended to complete a 15-minute circuit around the Hudson and East Rivers in New York, where the River Gym “Pods” would be equipped with a variety of exercise equipment, capable of converting those calories into electric energy stored in on-board batteries. 

To combat pollution, water purification devices will be fitted to the vessels.  There is also talk that they could have extra space to cart passengers and commuters, easing the burden of ferry lines.

 It is important to point out that very few inventions have actually effectively harnessed renewable energy from living creatures, an environmentally savvy and ingenious way to amplify efforts to eliminate older methods and reliance on oil. 

Imagine working out with spectacular panoramic views of the city, and knowing that your workout is providing a green commute for other passengers.  This idea is definitely a drastic step from the conventional tedious gym routine.  Green is luxuriously finding its way into our everyday lives, from our workouts to our choice of environmental rental cars, what a breath of fresh air.

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