BMW Night Vision Gets Upgrades

BMW has been busy upgrading its night vision system, check out the teaser clip below:

BMW’s latest version of its night vision system will be available in this summer

BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and others offer special night vision systems to reduce the dangers of driving at night. As the video depicted, the system enables drivers to see large animals like deer darting toward the road, reducing the risk of collision. Hitting a large animal can be deadly and cause major automotive damage, and because animals can enter the roadway anytime, the night vision provides an important heads-up!

BMW Night Vision

Images for the BMW Night Vision system are able to clearly display obstructions on the road and if they are objects, animals or people. 

The next-gen night vision system incorporates a feature capable of recognizing specific animals. How it works: A thermal infrared camera is fitted in the grille of the car, detecting heat emitting from objects from approximately 100 yards out. Simultaneously, the system can differentiate between an animal and a human based on heat levels.

BMW Night Vision

When an object is detected, the BMW night vision system triggers the Dynamic Light Spots feature, illuminating the object. With the object essentially spotlighted, the driver can then take measures to avoid a collision. A symbol is also activated within the instrument panel and under certain circumstances, an emergency warning will be emitted audibly.

BMW Night Vision

BMW is known for their ongoing dedication to safety measures. They are also known for some pretty outstanding luxury rides, though you do not have to take our word for it! Rent a BMW anytime from your friends at Imagine Lifestyles and experience the brand personally.

BMW Night Vision

This safety feature should be standard on all vehicles rather than an amenity 

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