The Unseen LaFerrari Concepts Collection is Red Hot

Now that the 950 horsepower beast has officially been introduced, let’s take a look at some of the unseen LaFerrari concepts from the collection! Ferrari is stepping up its already hard to match game by creeping up on the 1,000 horsepower marker, a digit typically reserved for the regal hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron.

LaFerrari concepts

To celebrate the unveiling of LaFerrari in Geneva this year, Ferrari presents: ‘Ferrari Supercar-Technology. Design. Myth’. This is a private collection of rare and unseen concepts starting with the 1964 250 GTO and ending with the Enzo and Project F150.

There is a very good reason why Ferrari is amping things up this year. The brand has announced intentions to go after the title of “World’s fastest production car” with the next-gen version of LaFerrari. Can we assume that LaFerrari is a mere practice run?

LaFerrari Concepts

LaFerrari emerged at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, creating a sensation in both the power and aesthetics arenas. 

The photos here are all an insider peek at the private collection of Ferrari concepts at the Museo Ferrari in Maranello. There are examples of what the LaFerrari could have been, and other rare Ferrari concepts on display. With so much riding on the newest member, it was likely a very difficult decision to choose ‘the one’.

LaFerrari Concepts

The collection offers up a glimpse at the heritage, racing history and overall culture of the mega brand that is Ferrari. Some of the concepts have never been previously seen by the public, making the exclusive exhibit that much more enthralling! There are study scale models, clay models and detailed schematic plans to pour over at the museum. Lucky enough to browse through? Share your photos with us on Facebook!

LaFerrari Concepts

The history on display is quite versatile and includes much detail

LaFerrari Concepts

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