Tech Savvy BMW May Offer Plug-In Versions of New Lineup

BMW previously mentioned offering plug-in options for the core models, but has since changed gears with plans to provide a more expansive approach. According to BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch, “With the introduction of every new model, there will be a plug-in hybrid version of that, too.” Imagine seeing BMW plug-in models gracing dealerships across the nation, it seems like a concept far into the future, but could be coming quite soon.

BMW plug-in

This full-force style mentality makes perfect sense seeing as how the BMW plug-in technology has been created to fit all brand products. It seems like yesterday that the mere idea of hybrid or electric vehicles becoming mainstream was brushed aside as a pipe dream–now most leading automakers are onboard with the technology and implementing it with more availability than previously imagined. Will it soon be as commonplace to see hybrids and plug-ins charging up as it is to see lines at the fuel stations? If the momentum continues, that could be a very accurate prediction.

BMW plug-inWillisch also addressed rumors of a BMW i5/i7 plug-in hybrid, the supposed direct threat to the Tesla Model S. He stated that BMW does not have a car like that, but in the same breath provoked hope by saying that even if such a vehicle is to become a reality, it would not be anytime soon. Automakers are smooth and tactful in regards to wording used, often deflecting rumors with phrases that seem to discredit them, but the carefully trained ear can piece together the truth. For example, when a brand addresses rumors with phrases like “We are not currently focused on producing that model”, it does not necessarily mean they do not ever intend to, but that it remains in secret mode or the back burner. Overall, the process of creating, testing and ultimately producing a new model is a highly involved one, and the automakers are naturally careful about when certain aspects of the pipeline are revealed. We look forward to learning more about what BMW will be plugging in the near future.

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