Park and Summon BMW with a Smartwatch? How James Bond!

BMW is testing a car that can be controlled via a smartwatch. Imagine, having the ability to park and summon your BMW using a touchscreen watch. With the new James Bond film coming out next year, this technology seems to be right on time. With technology moving so fast, we must wonder how long even a BMW smartwatch will remain the next big thing.

BMW smartwatchPark your BMW with a smartwatch. The future is pretty much here!

James Bond could control his BMW with a Nokia phone back in 1997, so why not a smartwatch? The BMW i3 research vehicle is still very much in the concepting and development phase–but here are some of the potential perks the brainiacs behind the scenes are working out:

  • Remote valet park assist.
  • The model would be fully automated and capable of locating parking spaces and inserting itself into them, locking up and awaiting further instruction from the smartwatch.
  • Multi-level parking structures will not be a problem. The automation of the vehicle will not rely on independent GPS signals, for those of you cringing because those signals are terrible at best in a parking garage.
  • Instead, the vehicle boasts special laser sensors to monitor a 360-degree radius to avoid collisions and navigate obstacles.
  • How it works: The advanced laser systems are synced to the digital site plans of the parking structures.
  • Once the Remote parking assist is activated via the smartwatch, the BMW i3 will take off on its merry way, and park itself. Imagine the annual time savings of this technology! But…what about locating a meter or street parking when a garage is at capacity? Any city dweller will tell you that these are crucial.

BMW smartwatchBMW will demonstrate the technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month.

Not only can the BMW i3 go park itself, it can track when the driver enters the parking garage and meet them at the exit ready to roll. There simply are not enough synonyms for ‘wow’!

BMW smartwatch

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