Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience Opening in North America

Want to spend some quality time with a $3 million-dollar Bugatti hypercar but not interested in the costs associated with owning? The brand is bringing the opportunity to the United States with the Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience. This experience will not be cheap, but it will be far less than buying and maintaining a Veyron.

Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

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Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

A handful of elite car brands are beginning to offer driving experiences, and they are increasing in popularity. Bugatti has four events planned in the U.S. and Canada targeting those who may be interested in owning a Bugatti, and those burning to make a dream come true.

Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

Participants of the Bugatti Dynamic Drive Experience will feel the adrenaline rush that only the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse can provide. The only model ahead of the Vitesse in the speed arena is the Veyron Super Sport, which is the brand’s fastest model. The Veyron SS is currently holding the ‘World’s fastest production car’ title following a bit of a standoff. The Veyron Super Sport held the title for nearly 3 years, only to have it oddly revoked and quickly reinstated due to some questions regarding the official rules (Follow link for that interesting story!).

The Bugatti Dynamic Drive Experience at a glance:

  • Drivers will maneuver the beast around challenging road courses at locations to be named later.
  • To quench that need for speed, there will also be high-speed courses available on closed roads such as airport runways. This will allow drivers to open the Vitesse up to its full potential…if they are brave enough, that is.
  • An official Bugatti instructor will be available for the duration of the event.
  • • The Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse kicks out 1,183 horses thanks to a spectacular 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbocharged engine.
  • The 0-60 mile per hour jump happens in less than 3 seconds, an experience few drivers can claim! The Vitesse rises to 120 miles per hour in around 7 seconds.

Bugatti Dynamic Driving Experience

Bugatti will be rolling out the red carpet with 5-star treatment and hospitality for participants. Those interested should contact Bugatti directly and share your stories with us on Facebook!

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