Bugatti Racing Plane Finally Takes Flight

Back in the 1930s, Bugatti founder Ettore created the 100P sports plane. Although Ettore secured patents began work, the war prevented the plane from completion…until now. To Californians have recreated the Bugatti racing plane and it is about to take its first-ever flight.

Bugatti racing plane

Meet a perfect Bugatti racing plane replica of the 100P. Two dedicated fans in California took extraordinary pains to recreate this plane. It is about to take flight, decades after its 1930’s predecessor.

The plane is, of course, a replica, but it remains true to Ettore Bugatti’s design. Specifications of the original Bugatti racing plane include the following:

  • 16-cylinders
  • 900bhp
  • Projected ability to hit 500 miles per hour. When World War II began, Ettore hid the 100P from the Germans and it never took flight.
  • He planned for two 4.9-liter straight 8 engines pushing out 450 horses each. The 500-mile per hour estimate of his was based on those engine configurations.

Bugatti racing plane

So why did Ettore Bugatti create an airplane? It seems strange that the supercar founder would allow any air to enter his ears, but he dedicated himself to perfecting an entry for the then-famous plane race called the Deutsch de la Merthe Cup. It was an aeronautical race held above Paris that attracted the masses in Ettore’s day. It certainly provided a well-rounded resume for the man who started the ignition on one of the best supercar companies on the planet.

Bugatti racing plane

The original 100P nestled in its hiding spot. 

Bugatti racing plane

The 100P replica dressed in that stunning Bugatti blue should take to the skies quite nicely. 

The individuals responsible for the Bugatti 100P plane replica are John Lawson and Simon Birney. The pair incorporated elements of the five original patents obtained by Ettore to create the replica. The first flight of the plane is scheduled for March 25th in Oxnard, California and should draw a crowd. If you are interested in seeing their project personally, it will be on display at the Mullin Automotive Museum in California following the flight.

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