The Bugatti Sang Bleu Yacht Concept that Sank

For those familiar with the Bugatti Sang Bleu supercar, that deep Oceanic blue is ideal inspiration for a luxury yacht. British designer Ben Walsh saw this potential and ran with it, drafting the Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht concept. While this majestic yacht sank in the concept stages, it is still worth remembering. After all, a seaworthy Bugatti would certainly be a sailor’s dream come true!

Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht

While there is a smattering of specialty yacht concepts to drool over annually, one with the Bugatti badge is something special.

The Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht concept at a glance:

  • The yacht spans 30 feet in length
  • Lines are kept sleek and aerodynamic. The fluid lines are ideal for a seaworthy sportster while maintaining aesthetic prowess.
  • It is a long and slender yacht, reminiscent of a cigarette style racing boat. It looks like a knife that could just slice through waves.
  • The styling cues from the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Bleu car include the colors, materials and power.
  • High quality materials such as carbon fiber and fine leathers adorn it.

Bugatti Sang Bleu

Bugatti has a rich history that may have inspired designer Walsh as much as the Sang Bleu. Back in the 1920s, founder Ettore Bugatti brainstormed the possibility of an exclusive performance style motorboat. He envisioned this exotic boat scaling the Atlantic Ocean not only quickly, but in the supreme style and comfort that is distinctly Bugatti. Walsh and Ettore both shared dreams of a mastercraft, but sadly neither ship reached the shore. There is always hope, however. While Walsh’s Bugatti boat has not been picked up yet, fascination can always lead to funding and a small production run at some point in the future. We can only hope!

Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht

Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht

Bugatti Sang Bleu yacht

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