Bugatti Brings on the Heartbreak: No Super Veyron

Hopes have been soaring lately for Bugatti to produce the fabled Super Veyron. This mythical beast will sadly remain a pipe dream–as the brand has announced that they have no current intentions to build a Bugatti Super Veyron. Le sigh…at least we can look forward to seeing the rest of the Bugatti Legend Series in the near future. They will be slowly taunting us with each one, and they will likely all be as gorgeous as the Jean-Pierre Wimille car.

Super Veyron

Bugatti sinks Super Veyron rumors

Bugatti president Wolfgang Schreiber personally put the brakes on the rumors of a Super Veyron. He released a statement at Pebble Beach recently to dispel the larger than life rumors. This means that Bugatti’s clientele must continue to be satisfied with the 1,200 horses released by the fastest model, the Veyron Super Sport. The Super Veyron was rumored to rip loose 1,600 horses with a top speed exceeding all competitors on the planet. We should have known it was too good to be true!

Super Veyron

Schreiber is not completely heartless, however, he did share that a replacement for the Bugatti Veyron was in the works. That is a hint that the long-running Veyron could soon reach its end, which will be strange. Sales for the Veyron are scant because of the million-dollar-plus pricing, but the numbers are not meant to be measured against cookie-cutter cars. The rumors for a Super Veyron picked up speed and became an online legend, and now they will likely pick up anew guessing what the successor shall be. Dreaming up new versions of the next big thing could help heal all the broken hearts that were anxiously awaiting the Super Veyron.

Super Veyron

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