Antique Bugatti Type 57C Up for Auction at Bonham’s

There is an antique Bugatti Type 57C cabriolet featuring coachwork by Gangloff hitting the auction block at Bonham’s on May 31st. It is a 1938 Type 57C, which is quite a desirable era for collectors of the badge. While the award-winning Bugatti Veyron line and all of the special editions are arguably faster–the value of certain older models remains a bit higher than the new siblings and will only continue to hold their worth.

Bugatti Type 57C The sale is scheduled for May 31st, 2015 at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Bugatti Type 57C The Type 57 Bugatti began to distinctively evolve in 1934, with input from Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore. New items included an 8-cylinder engine with the gearbox fixed directly to it via synchromesh and a single plate clutch. The dual-overhead camshaft was also introduced around that time to the model, along with more factory body options for buyers to choose from. The names were fittingly derived from famous mountain passes like Stelvio and Ventoux. Because Jean was an artist, the vehicle design began to take on a new flair with his collaboration.

Bugatti Type 57C

The model for sale at Bonham’s in Greenwich hails from collector Miles Coverdale of Long Island. Coverdale purchased the Bugatti back in the early 1960s and maintained it until his passing in 2000. Since that time, the car has been meticulously preserved and is anticipated to change hands for approximately $900,000-$1,100,000. The sale will commence at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, which is just north of New York City. This would be a great addition to any exotic car collection, and certainly one featuring exotics of the past and perhaps a few Veyrons for comparison purposes. See Bonhams for more details on the exotic car auction.

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