Burn Notice- TV Series Showcasing Miami at Its Hottest

Hot Miami TV Series Burn NoticeIt’s being called the modern “Miami Vice”, sans the dated cheese.  The hot TV series “Burn Notice” from USA Network,  is well into its third season, and has been accumulating a solid following and some impressive reviews, as well as joining the list of TV series and films that showcase Miami and all of its luxurious splendor. 

Burn Notice is a sexy thrill-ride alive with actors that are exceptionally easy on the eyes, some hot Miami luxury cars, shoot-outs, explosions, and the best part- it is all shot on Miami Beach and the Miami area.  The action-packed series bleeds Miami luxury, style and lifestyle and offers paramount entertainment.

The original series on USA stars Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen, playing an ex-CIA spy, who has been blacklisted and by his former employers.  “Burned” by the Agency, Westen has been "wiped off the grid."  He suddenly finds he has no prior work history, no money, and no identity. He has to scramble to return to Miami from his globe-trotting spy missions, and has had to start over in the private security business. But he also has a bit of Robin Hood side to him and regularly helps people who need help.

 Burn Factor is stylishly shot, making regular use of iconic Coconut Grove locations like The Jaguar Restaurant and The Mutiny Hotel as meeting places for Westen and his colleagues and clients.  Burn Notice also stars the leggy and lovely Gabrielle Anwar as Michael’s ex-flame, who is also a former IRA bomb expert, and helps him on his cases.   Bruce Campbell is Sam, a buddy who is a former military intelligence expert, and who is now a beer-swilling, flowered shirt-wearing, often reluctant sidekick to Michael’s exploits.

The show moves along at a lively clip and is sprinkled with scenes in Miami clubs, and there is plenty of Miami’s luxury showcased in the shots.  It is an action-thriller in genre, but with a regular peppering of wry and clever humor, and a healthy does of Miami at its hottest and most glam.

TV critics are calling Burn Notice the hottest show on cable and the ratings support that.  In what is shaping up to be its most-watched summer ever, USA drew 6.6 million viewers in mid-July with a new episode of Burn Notice.  Burn Notice airs on Thursday nights at 9pm ET on USA Network.

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