Is 20% the new 15% in Fine Dining? We Turned to Twitter

Tipping standards at South Beach fine dining establishmentsWhen it comes to fine dining, have you brushed up on your dining etiquette lately? Recently Imagine Lifestyles began to ponder this very inquiry, as luxury is our passion and that encompasses all that is luxury-down to an impeccable fine dining experience.  We turned to Twitter, where the tweets flew in-ultimately tweaking our former opinion about what is acceptable in the realm of high-end restaurant tips.

It would seem, based on the wingspan of responses from our fellow tweetsters, that 20% is the new 15% when it comes to tipping at a fine dining establishment.  Whether you are dining to impress dates, colleagues or simply to treat your family, it seems the ante has assuredly been upped-following are some of the results from out Twitter poll:

•    DaisyCottageIRL@ImagineLuxury-I apply the same rules: service, food, etc., check if "service charge" already charged and tip usual 15-20% directly to staff. 
•    GlassFriendsDEU@ImagineLuxury– 10% to 20% depending on the service quality. Sometimes no tip will teach the business a lesson to improve their services.
•     Leyla_a@IChic South Beach luxury dining and how to tipmagineLuxury-20%

The sleek, stylish, and aristocratic crowd knows that showing their appreciation via a plump tip is good measure, and good manners.  This is also an image issue, as you can imagine.  All of the preparation in the world will not save you from poor manners, good grooming, a luxury rental car, or the hottest date.  More to come on this and other luxury news- from Imagine Lifestyles, your source for South Beach luxury rental cars, luxury rental properties, tips on luxury living, guides, and entertainment.


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