Carbon Motors Develops a Car Designed for a Cop

Over the years the police car has slowly evolved in form and functionality.  Carbon Motors has just taken this evolution of the cop car to a new extreme-some would even suggest it to be luxurious.  Compete with clean lines and a vanity appeal, the features are integrated and designed to allow officers to perform job duties at optimal capacity.  The functionality of the E7 is unmatched in the world of police cruisers-well, perhaps by the aesthetics.

In the daily lives of police officers, unpredictable situations can occur, and all safety precautions are necessary when designing a vehicle for the line of duty.  Features sported by the E7 by Carbon Motors include:

•    Integrated lighting
•    Integrated technology
•    Reverse backup camera
•    Remote start capacity
•    Heads-up display
•    Driver specific intelligence key
•    License plate recognition system
•    Integrated take-down and spotlights
•    Forward Looking Infrared System (FLIR)Carbon Motors E7 Cop Car

The E7 is possibly the world’s first purpose-built police car, designed from the ground up with functionality in mind.  For example, the backseats are completely partitioned from the front of the cruiser, dramatically improving both officer and prisoner safety.  Taking this a step further, Carbon Motors developed seating with no gaps or crevices where prisoners may be able to hide items; the only slots in the savvy police car are where the seatbelts are. 

The E7 is equipped with coach rear doors opening in opposite the normal direction, allowing them to be used for their primary purpose-to load suspects in and out of the vehicle.  Does anyone else find it surprising that this evolution has taken so long?  I am thinking back to the old Crown Victorias, Dodge Diplomats and other large and cumbersome cruisers police have endured over the years.

The E7 boasts a forced induction 3.0 liter diesel motor, capable of running on either UltrCarbon Motors E7 Backseat Designa-Low Sulfur diesel or biodiesel fuel.  It has a 6 speed motor and tranny, 300 horsepower, an 18-gallon fuel tank, 420 foot-pounds of torque for the officers to ensure a successful chase while still maintaining an estimated fuel efficiency of  28-30 mpg.  Acceleration is reportedly an impressive zero to 60 in  6.5 seconds and the concept cop car has integrated ballistic protection in the dash and doors.  Now if you will excuse me, I feel the urge to watch the Fast and the Furious.


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