Even with Quirks, Bentley GT-C is Spotless When Spotted on South Beach

In a Luxury Rental Car-South Beach StunsWhile we love Bentley and the luxury that the brand represents, there are always a few quirks here and there with all luxury cars.  The Bentley GT-C, for example, has a few slight irritations on its otherwise impeccable record:

•    Gas tank release tends to stick
•    Cup holders in odd location
•    Convertible top malfunction light may appear if you try to put the top down while the car is in motion

While none of these define a Bentley by any means, they are simply small problems that can cause annoyance in a luxury car (call us spoiled).  Bentley is an impressive luxury brand with an overall reputation for flawless fun and escape. Bentley GT-C Convertible Rental in South Beach

The best place to rent a luxury Bentley is in South Beach, of course.  In Miami, there is never a shortage of indulgent amenities to occupy you and your family.  One amenity being a Miami luxury rental car, ideal for soaking in all the fun South Beach has to offer.

There is nothing like the opulence of South Florida, South Beach in particular.  The beachside resort-style community is famed for its Caribbean/Atlantic waters, impeccable location and luxurious nightlife.  And whether you are slipping into stilettos or into a Bentley, one thing is for certain, turning heads is just more fun in South Beach!

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals