Florida Man Arrested for Using Cellphone Jammer During Commute

A Florida man is being dubbed a vigilante after taking the annoying and deadly issue of distracted driving into his own hands. Jason Humphreys of Seffner, Florida, used a cellphone jammer in his vehicle for a couple of years before being hit with a very hefty fine.

Cellphone Jammer


Jason Humphreys of Florida became so annoyed by the cellphone yammer, he installed a jammer. It is, of course, not legal to run amok with a cellphone jammer and disrupt the service of all around you. It is legal to talk on cellphones while operating a vehicle in the state of Florida, but not to text. Humphreys became irritated with the onslaught of distracted drivers on the already clogged Florida roadways and managed to go about 16-24 months operating his signal jammer before being caught. Metro PCS alerted authorities that something was amiss during regular commuting hours. It was reported that it took the FCC and other authorities quite some time to catch up with him and to even figure out what the disruption was.

Cellphone Jammer

Humphreys now faces $48k-$330k in fines, and will have to once more endure the distracted drivers yammering away on their cellphones surrounding his Toyota Highlander. This plot has big screen potential. I picture a movie wherein Humphreys enjoys a mundane and safe daily commute, then is hit with insurmountable fines and ultimately endures an automotive accident caused by a driver distracted by a cellphone conversation. The movie would end with him surviving and being awarded millions by the state of Florida, as he feverishly texts his hot new girlfriend from behind the wheel of his new exotic sports car.

Cellphone Jammer

Should people be forced into autonomous vehicles until they are either A. A pro driver or B. 40 years old? 

What do you think of this situation? Should drivers have the option to protect themselves on the roadways in the same manner people have to keep firearms in their homes? Should people be arrested for using something that is legal to purchase, or should the distributors be the ones in hot water? It is certainly a touchy subject with many gray areas.

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