The Ferrari Edo Competition Honors Legend Niki Lauda

Bugatti has their exclusive fleet of Legends Cars to honor various game changers of their past, and Ferrari does the same in its own way. There was the recent Ferrari Sergio car to pay homage to Sergio Pininfarina of famed Pininfarina design house, and now there is the Ferrari Edo Competition car. The Edo Competition car is to honor the legend that is Niki Lauda, racing extraordinaire and one of the most famous faces in racing history. Ferrari Edo Competition

If you are unfamiliar with Niki Lauda, I urge you to watch the movie ‘Rush’, which outlines his career and famous rivalry with fellow racer James Hunt, played by the awesome ‘Thor’. It is a wonderful overview of the racing lifestyle that is both exciting and educational. Moving along, the Ferrari Edo Competition car is a fitting tribute to Niki Lauda because it not only looks fantastic–it is fast. The thing is, Lauda must not want the one-off tribute car, as it is for sale.

Ferrari Edo CompetitionThe Niki Lauda Ferrari 458

Ferrari Edo Competition

The Ferrari Edo Competition car at a glance:

  • It has just 5k on the odometer and is already for sale. It was created just a year ago from the special beast that is the Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • The Ferrari Tailor Made Program is the secret behind this car. It boasts signature styling cues to pay homage to Lauda, including the racing livery and many F1 racing nods.
  • The white accents look sharp on this Italia, as does the Italian flag. The finished product is perched on sexy gold rims for fantastic curb appeal.
  • The design cues do not come to a halt in the cabin. It features a neat Italian flag motif and special red stitching. To add further interest to this treasure, there is ample carbon fiber in the cockpit.
  • It is being billed as the Ferrari 458 Italia Niki Lauda Edition and can be acquired for around 285k Euros.

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