Chicago’s Most Expensive Burger

Chicago has been evolving over the last few decades turning itself into a major player on the global culinary scene.   Every month, “celebrity chefs” are debuting the next big thing for Chicago food lovers.  Many of the newer restaurants are using some of the most advanced cooking techniques available in restaurant kitchens all over the world.  With all of these new cutting edge restaurants planting themselves throughout the city, Chicago’s Mid-western diners still want a good old- fashioned meat and potatoes meal on occasion.  Chicago's Most Expensive Hamburger

Luckily for those diners, there is a new North Center burger joint that is picking up awards as fast as they shell out pints to happy customers.  The Bad Apple (4300 N. Lincoln), offering over 50 different varieties of beer, also has some of the best burgers in Chicago.  Recently, they stepped up to the plate and created the city’s most expensive burger.

Head to The Bad Apple for “Wagyu Wednesday” and treat yourself to their new $26 delight.  Using meat from world-renowned New York butcher Pat La Frieda, this neighborhood bar has perfected the classic burger and added some personal touches to the menu as well.  How can a burger possibly cost $26 you ask?  For starters, the meat used to create this costly treat is 90-day dry aged prime rib wagyu beef.  Any cow that gets to drink beer and often receives daily massages has to make for a tasty burger, right?  Pair that burger with a beer of your own, and you are sure to leave happy.  Bring a smile, an appetite, and your gold card if you are coming here on Wednesday, because this is Chicago’s most expensive burger.

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