A Ferrari Roller Coaster? The Prancing Horses Leave the Ground

Ferrari has been busy raising pulses, releasing its 599XX racecar last month (derived from the 599) while simultaneously debuting the 599 GTO as the brand’s fastest production car.  This is a luxury car company that is difficult to keep up with this year!  But wait, last week they also unleashed the Formula Rossa roller coaster.  Yes, a Ferrari roller coaster!  My adrenaline is already pumping.

This new addition to the lineup of prancing horses was bred in the Arabian Desert, rather than inFerrari Roller Coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Maranello.  Though it is no luxury car, this coaster rolls from the 0-62 mark faster than the real thing, in about 2 seconds, pounding out 1.7 g’s of lateral force via 70-degree turns.  The Ferrari coaster tops out around 150 miles per hour, snagging the title of world’s fastest coaster from the Kingda Ka located at Six Flags in New Jersey.  Easy Jersey, competition is healthy.

Ferrari’s roller coaster will be joining the Ferrari F430 race simulator, wherein guests can free fall down a flume-style ride that courses through to simulate a 599’s V12 engine.

So where, you ask, is this exotic thrill ride to be found?  It is fittingly located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi’s multi-billion dollar Yas Island. Oh Ferrari World, how you trump Disney World and Land.

According to Ferrari World’s GM, Claus Frimand, via video on their website,

 “The idea is to bring the sensation to people of what a Formula One driver is experiencing.”

Passengers will be pulled along a launch area, similar to the way a carrier launches a jet aircraft…can anyone else say awesome?  Due to the occasional sandstorms and dust common to the region (hey, it is a desert), guests are to wear goggles on the Ferrari coaster.  I would wear my grandmother’s moo-moo just to ride this exotic coaster emblazoned with one of my favorite luxury rental car brands, as if a pair of goggles would stop me!  Besides, geek is the new chic.

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