Chill Out in Luxury-Stay in an Igloo

We love luxury hotels, exotic rental cars, and all things luxury.  Yet we also have quite a fixation with aAdrian Gunter of Iglu Dorf Ice Hotelll things that are oddly luxury, like Iglu-Dorf.  Iglu-Dorf is exactly what it sounds like-it is an igloo in the Swiss Alps where skiers and visitors can stay in an actual igloo!  The concept is very exotic and well, obviously cool.

This igloo hotel is perched at high altitudes (2,700 meters above sea level) above Zermatt, in the Swiss Alps.  Everyone knows the Swiss Alps are an excellent skiing destination, but now they also offer the exotic experience of sleeping in an actual igloo. 

This exotic concept is the brainchild of Adrian Gunter, who is a pretty cool looking guy (see photo at right).  What he and his friends started in 1996 to get an early start on skiing, has successfully evolved into a string of igloo villages across tIglu Dorf Ice Hotel Swiss Alpshe Alps, with locations at Scuol, Gstaad, Engelberg, Zermatt and Zugspitze.  Each location can accommodate around 40 guests per night during the December through April season.

The strongest selling point, other than the awesomeness of sleeping in an igloo, is that by staying at Iglu-Dorf, you are able to ski the slopes a full two hours before the lifts start and other skiers arrive. 

The interiors of the igloos are simple, adorned with sheepskins and sleeping bags and lit by caSauna of Iglu Dorf Swiss Alpsndlelight.  There is a central bar area, “standard” igloos, and even “romantic” and “romantic plus” igloo options.  The standard igloo features a raised area insulated with foam, carpet and sheepskins, and you then use a special sleeping bag that can withstand temperatures of -40 Celsius.  The romantic igloo has a double bed bag and a heart carved into the wall, and the romantic plus igloo features a private sauna and ensuite lavatory.

For the first hour, guests are invited to tour the igloo village, and given permission to walk about and look into other igloos and look at the random ice sculptures.  After the first hour, guests are to respect each other’s privacy and either enjoy the bar or retreat to their designated igloo.   It even sounds cool to say:  Excuse me sir, please go back to your own igloo.  Iglu Dorf Swiss Alps

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